The storms of life can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face these storms alone. Our compassionate, Christian counselors are here to support you on the journey. Walking alongside our clients is one of our greatest joys, as each individual story matters.

Dr. Deb Waterbury
Dr. Deb WaterburyCounselor, Women and Marriage (ages 18 and up)
Dr. Deb Waterbury is the CEO of The Answer: A Biblical Counseling Center in Tucson, Arizona, and holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Studies. She was trained as a Biblical counselor through Reigning Grace Institute, and she now offers training and certification for other Biblical counselors through her own online school, The Academy of Biblical Counseling. She has authored 14 books (, travels extensively all over the world speaking at conferences, and runs Project Malonda, a program providing business education and training to impoverished women in many third world countries ( Dr. Deb hosts two bi-monthly shows, “Real Life with Deb Waterbury” and “Get Real with Deb Waterbury,” which appear on her YouTube channel and on iTunes and Spotify. With over 15 years of experience in teaching, writing, and counseling, Dr. Deb offers hope that is real and solutions that are sustainable. She specializes in women, and she and her husband specialize together in counseling married couples.
Lt. Col. Jeff Waterbury
Lt. Col. Jeff WaterburyCounselor, Men and Marriage (ages 18 and up)
Lt. Col. Jeff Waterbury lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife, Dr. Deb Waterbury. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Aeronautical Management. He has been a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force and the Arizona Air National Guard for 37 years before retiring in November of 2021. He and Dr. Deb have been in ministry together for the better part of their 36-year marriage, focusing on men, women, and marriage. Jeff has been counseling men for many years, as well as leading many bible studies and serving as an elder at his local church. He has two grown sons who both also served in the military.
Jamie Randall
Jamie RandallCounselor, Children and Adolescents (ages 4-25)
Jamie is the director of worship at a local church in Tucson. She has served in both children and youth ministries as a coordinator and weekly speaker. Jamie currently holds a Bachelors of Science in Special and Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University. She has taught in the middle school, elementary, and special education setting for students with severe intellectual disabilities. Jamie has over nine years of experience working with children with Autism, Downs Syndrome, nonverbal children and communication delays, and children with severe emotional disabilities. Jamie is currently Mental Health First Aid certified. She is receiving her Masters of Psychology in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Childhood and Adolescence Disorders from Grand Canyon University. In addition, Jamie is receiving her ACBC Biblical Counseling Certification.
Becky Davis
Becky DavisCounselor, Women, Teens, Young Adults (ages 12 and up)
Becky has been happily married for 20 years and is a mother of 2 beautiful teenagers.   Becky earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona.  She has over 20 years of teaching experience.  Becky is receiving her ACBC Biblical Counseling Certification. Since 2009 Becky has been actively involved in leading both women and children.  Becky founded and director a Women’s Ministry in Sahuarita for 8 years.  She discipled many women through small groups, retreat planning and speaking. Becky has served in children’s ministry through preaching, coordinating and leading a curriculum writing team. Becky wrote curriculum that was included in the 2018 Gospel Publishing House series of The League of Investigators:  The Holy Spirit in Me.
Linda Floyd
Linda FloydCounselor, Women (ages 18 and up)
Linda, a retired teacher, lives in Tucson with her husband and grandson. She received a BA degree from Spring Arbor College, majoring in English and education. She completed her Master’s degree in education at the U of A and earned an Associate degree from Fountain gate School of Revival. She and her husband, Jim, are leaders in Family Foundations International, a ministry focused on imparting the power of blessing in families, and providing ministry for wounded, hurting individuals who haven’t received that blessing. They are trainers in the ministry, training leaders to minister in the Jesus Wonderful Counselor process, and to develop local teams. The Floyds travelled extensively as FFI School of Ministry Directors in the USA, raising up ministry leaders in the USA and training leaders from other nations at FFI Schools of Ministry and Personal Transformation. Linda is involved in leadership in her church women’s group and in Fountain gate Revival Center, Tucson. She continues to have a heart for hurting people, especially women who struggle with not knowing who they are in Christ, held back by wounds and traumas from their past. She is convinced, based on the Word of God and her own experience, that freedom and hope are available, and that God does turn the curses from the past into the blessing that He intended for His beloved daughters and sons to experience.
Erik Michaud
Erik MichaudCounselor, Men, Teens, Young Adults (ages 12-35)
Erik has been mentoring and counseling youth and young adults in various capacities for years. He completed a three-year internship at a local church with an emphasis on serving and leading young adults. Erik then went on to direct the same internship where he fell in love with counseling young adults through their stories and into their passions.  Erik continued his heart for serving people into his next position where he served in a crisis management role within foster and group homes. Currently, Erik is the Head Coach of the Boys’ Basketball Program at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, he is pursuing a master’s degree in Counseling with a Trauma focus at Grand Canyon University, and in addition, he is receiving his ACBC Biblical Counseling Certification. Erik wholeheartedly believes that no matter what you’ve gone through or what you’re going through, healing and peace are meant for everyone.
Marysol Malo
Marysol MaloSpanish Speaking Counselor, Women (ages 18 and up)
Marysol is married for 23 years to Andrés, and they have three beautiful children: Paz, Jesús, and Sofi. Marysol earned her Master’s degree in Higher Education from Universidad del Valle de México in the city of Querétaro, her native city. She obtained a Certification in Gestalt Psychotherapy in 1997, leaving her with more questions than answers about the identity and purpose in life of human beings.
At the end of 2007, Marysol with her family, migrated from Ecuador, the native country of Andrés, to the United States where they were invited by Family Foundations as missionaries and Coordinators to the Hispanics in the US. They have been trained to be trainers of leaders to minister in the Jesus Wonderful Counselor process. Marysol and Andrés have conducted many life-changing events focused on personal transformation, imparting the power of blessing in families, and restoring the value of covenant in marriage. Marysol has a heart to see every believer in Christ develop deep intimacy with Him, walking in the freedom of who they are in Him, impacting the world around them.
Bio (Español)
Marysol está casada desde hace 23 años con Andrés, y tienen tres hermosos hijos: Paz, Jesús y Sofi. Marysol obtuvo su Maestría en Educación Superior de la Universidad del Valle de México en la ciudad de Querétaro, su ciudad natal. Obtuvo una Certificación en Psicoterapia Gestalt en 1997, que la dejó con más preguntas que respuestas sobre la identidad y el propósito de la vida del ser humano. A finales del 2007, Marysol con su familia emigraron del Ecuador, el país natal de Andrés, a los Estados Unidos al ser invitados por Family Foundations como misioneros y coordinadores para los Hispanos para ministrar el proceso de Jesús Maravilloso Consejero. Marysol y Andrés han dirigido muchos eventos enfocados en la transformación personal, impartir el poder de la bendición y restaurar el valor del pacto en el matrimonio. Marysol tiene pasión de ver que cada creyente en Jesús tenga una profunda intimidad con Él, caminando cada día en la libertad de quiénes son en Él e impactando el mundo que los rodea.
Teri McGee
Teri McGeeCounselor, Women (ages 18 and up)
Teri has been involved with women’s ministry for over 32 years. She spent most of her adult life in Washington State where she began her ministry in training and equipping women in God’s word, then moved to Tucson twelve years ago.

She has mentored and discipled women in their pursuit of Christ, led bible studies, as well as served on women’s retreat committees. She has served in prayer ministry at several churches and led small groups.

Teri has a passion for God and the truth of His Word. It is her desire that women know the character and attributes of God that will help set them free to become the women God has created them to be. She believes that no matter what has happened to us along the road of life, God not only has the answer, but He is the answer to all the trials, afflictions and pain we experience.

Teri recently retired, spending the last 36 years operating two business she had established and owned. She sees her retirement as a wonderful opportunity to spend even more time ministering to and with women.

Kelly Franco
Kelly FrancoCounselor, Girls and Women (ages 11 – 25)
Kelly is married and a mother of two amazing teenage boys that both attend Pusch Ridge Christian Academy. Kelly has been informally mentoring and counseling teenage girls and boys for the past few years and has found a passion in doing so. Kelly earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism and Communications from University of Oregon and received her Life Coaching certification from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Kelly has also obtained her ACBC Biblical Counseling certification and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of the Southwest. Kelly believes the youth of today are the heart and soul of this broken world we live in and feels that with God’s love, support and guidance, struggling adolescents can heal from their pains and find worth in their lives.

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