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Don’t be a time-capsule friend

I was having lunch with a beautiful young lady the other day, and we were commiserating on our individual inabilities to remember birthdays and holidays. She was telling me of a funny time when her mother had broken a cherished bowl. She found a replacement at the street fair one day in late October and determined [...]

By |November 25, 2022|

This is not my life: Confessions of a life-worn woman

“This is not my life.” “Those are not my children.” “That is not my husband.” Have you ever looked around at your life and thought any of these things? I mean, this isn’t what we signed up for, right? No one told us the day we walked down that isle or the day we graduated from [...]

By |November 17, 2022|

The reason we let them see

My youngest son, Miles, and I have a unique mother/son relationship. We most definitely relate on a familial level, but also he appreciates my counsel. As a minister, much of what I do for women is counsel, but rarely does a parent experience that sort of relationship with her child. Miles, on the other hand, seeks [...]

By |November 12, 2022|

5 Identity lies satan doesn’t want you to see

Who are you? Have you really thought about that singular question? And I don’t mean in any particularly existential way. I just mean, have you thought about what truly makes up all that you are—experiences, beliefs, attitudes, life choices—and then put those ideas together in a neat little bundle and said, “Oh, that’s who I [...]

By |November 8, 2022|

The plague of isolation

It’s kind of funny that we live in such a streamlined society where everybody is connected to everybody, and yet for the most part, we are utterly and completely alone. Even conversations at tables in restaurants these days are neglected in favor of checking your Facebook status or email or texts or Twitter. I’ve sat and [...]

By |November 7, 2022|
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