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Why Virtual Counseling?

There have been a lot of businesses that were negatively affected by the pandemic in 2020, and that certainly includes some in the professional mental health fields. When person- to-person meetings are limited or completely eradicated, meeting with a professional about something as sensitive as our health seemed almost impossible. After all, very few of us [...]

By |November 30, 2022|

The year I boycotted Christmas

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I have some absolutely wonderful memories of growing up and spending Christmas with my parents and my siblings. Mom and Dad always went all out, putting up so many Christmas decorations that it took days to complete. She would cook and bake and shop, and then all [...]

By |November 29, 2022|

10 Steps to Freedom from loneliness at Christmastime

It’s simply amazing to me how quickly the Christmas things are out on store shelves!! Before we can even get through Halloween the little green and red stuff starts appearing in stores. Then well before Thanksgiving, Walmart and Target and Costco are in full Christmas shopping swing. Of course, I know that this is mostly because [...]

By |November 28, 2022|

Spiritual gifts: Expectation without agenda

There is possibly no topic within Christian circles that has more buzz and speculation than that of spiritual gifts. What are they? Who gets them? How do I know what mine are? These are all very valuable questions. After all, at the heart of every believer is a desire to be useful, but sometimes more pronounced [...]

By |November 27, 2022|

Silence is not golden

When it rains, it certainly does pour, doesn’t it? I mean, it seems that one can scarcely turn on the news these days without hearing about one sexual harassment scandal or another, and although this barrage of despicable activity has left most of us shaking our collective heads in disgust, I fear it has also left [...]

By |November 26, 2022|
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